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Andina seers

About this Site

Spiritual Réalisation - Trauma Recovery - Human Development - Civilization Design and the Evolution of Humanity

About Andina

2012 to Current, Founder:

Spritual Enlightenment, Love and Wisdom.

2005 - 2015 Founding Member: The Whole Human University and Community.

Monthly gathering exploring our fullest Personal and Transpersonal potential.


1997 Founder, Currently Consultant:

From Surviving to Thriving - For Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma


Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) 

Received Lady Grace Emerson Award for Services to Animal Welfare


Landscape Architect - Currently creating an Organic and Regenerative Permaculture Food Garden and Forest.

Emphasis on low maintenance, low-cost food security, and access for all ages and abilities.

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