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Spiritual Awakening

I was born into a family where the concept of God, religion and the spiritual was ridiculed, and I grew up an atheist with no belief in anything other than science and what could be weighed and measured.


In my early thirties this understanding of the world was radically and completely unseated as I spontaneously began to have openings into our underlying mystical ground of being - whose nature is pure love.

It was instantly clear that my original understanding about the world was not wrong, merely that is was much smaller than who we really are.


Personal Growth

At the time as this was happening I was working as a therapist and personal growth teacher and had been in the middle of some deep personal healing. 

The glimpses into our sacred nature amplified my recovery process and for some years life was often challenging as my past conditioning of separation, and previously hidden issues from my childhood, emerged to be healed.


At the same time as the issues from my past were surfacing to be addressed, they were also gradually dissolving into the infinite source of all.


Ray Of The Infinite.

It became clear to me that each of us is a unique and sacred ray of the infinite, and as we clear up our past our underlying true self emerges into the world.

As this happens, our relationship with ourselves, each other, and with nature also undergoes a transformation and we align more and more with our undivided whole nature.


Developing Gifts

I also found that my upbringing, coming out of the current cultural norms, left many areas that had not grown fully. These included more subtle aspects of our being-ness including accessing intuition and our energy field, and I worked to reclaim these as I had originally had access to these but had learned to shut down, or not listen to these, in order to be accepted in society, and it took me a while to even recognize that these were natural human abilities that I had disowned.


For over a decade I have been sharing about our nondual nature and, in meetings, there is the invitation to awaken into Oneness, beyond any sense of separation.

Together we also explore awakening into our individual potential as the one life living itself as us. 


Evolution By Choice Not By Chance

Taking part in a combination our own direct spiritual and personal awakening is something which is now emerging more and more onto the planet.

It is also much needed at this time as we have the opportunity to consciously evolve into a new type of human, one based in unity, truth and love, and from which new values and actions based on this deep awakening can emerge to form a way of being in the world that really sustains life and where we can all thrive.


As Einstein famously said `“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”

Join me in exploring our fullest potential.




Join me in exploring our deepest and highest potential together

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