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In The Beginning

I was born into a radically atheist family as my parents held the view that religion was the “opiate of the masses” as Karl Marx described it, and wanted to protect me from something they saw as merely a way of subjugating people by giving a sense of comfort whilst at the same time distracting them from revolting against harsh and unsustainable conditions in their lives or in the world.  


The concepts of religion and spirituality were all lumped together, and I was not allowed to attend any religious teaching in school or watch anything remotely religious on television, and so I grew up with no belief in anything other than science and what could be weighed and measured.

Spiritual Awakening

In my early thirties this understanding of the world was suddenly and completely unseated as I spontaneously began to have openings into the underlying mystical ground of all being, whose nature is pure love.

It became instantly clear that what I had been taught about the world presented a real, but also very small, fraction of the picture - that is that and we are really aspects of the undivided and sacred source of all.


Personal Growth

At the time this was happening I was working as a therapist and personal growth teacher and had been in the middle of my own deep, and long term, recovery work as previously hidden emotional and psychological issues from my childhood were emerging to be healed.

The glimpses into our sacred nature greatly amplified this process as they not only challenged my general cultural conditioning, which was based on a belief in our apparent separation, but also the wounded aspects of my psyche found the process of integration quite challenging as what was also being revealed were my own limitations.


These were not the limitations born out of simply being a finite human being, but rather they were the contractions to my authentic human beingness that had developed in order to make my way through my upbringing.


I share this because awakening is often portrayed in spiritual circles as all wonderful and love and light, and of course it is that - but it is also by its very nature transformative, and that can present many challenges to be worked through.


However, the other side is that it is largely unrecognised in personal recovery and growth circles that at the same time as the issues from the past are amplified by direct contact with the infinite, they are also gradually being deeply dissolved, and transformed, by this contact - in a way that working only on the personal healing and growth doesn't reach.


Ray Of The Infinite.

In my own journey, it also became clear that not only are we all aspects of an undivided whole and therefore not separate from anyone or anything, seemingly paradoxically we are also each a unique and individual ray of that same wholeness.


Developing Abilities

I also came to see that cultural norms discount many areas of our human potential such as accessing intuition or our energy field, both important for making choices, as these have not had an environment in which to develop fully.

I found that I had to work quite hard to reclaim access to these as I learned to shut down, or not listen to these in order to be accepted in society, and it took me a while to even recognize that these were natural human abilities that I had disowned, and accessing these helped me to be able to cut through to what was really important in life.

Love Living Itself As Us

As we each open into our divine nature, heal our past and our unique individuality flowers, our relationship with ourselves, with each other, with nature and with the planet begins to undergo a radical transformation.

Evolution By Choice Not By Chance

Taking part in a combination of our own direct spiritual and personal awakening is something which is now emerging more and more.

It is also much needed at this time as we have the opportunity to consciously evolve into a new type of human, one grounded in unity, truth, authenticity and love.


It is from this that new values and actions, based on this deep awakening, can emerge to form a way of being in the world that really sustains life - and where all beings can, at last, thrive on this beautiful planet of ours.


As Einstein famously said: `

“No problem can be solved from the same

level of consciousness that created it”

For many decades I have been sharing the invitation to awaken directly into our divine unity, beyond dogma, beliefs or scriptures, and together we also explore awakening into our individual potential as the one sacred source of all life living itself out as the many. 


Join me in exploring our fullest potential together.

With Love