Where the Individual Rubber meets the Infinite Road


Many people are beginning to question the old narratives about life and wonder if there is more to their lives than merely going along with what they have been told. 

The old stories would probably have hung on a bit longer if we had not had to stop ignoring the impact of them on the environment where the repercussions have simply become so great that a line is now being drawn.


Many are also intuiting that there must be more to life the simply eating, sleeping, working, watching television and taking holidays. Below the surface of our lives we feel a vibration that calls from our very depths….calls us to look beyond our everyday life, calls us to discover who, and what we really are, and the true purpose of our life…it calls us to awaken.


Most people hear the call to awaken more than once before realisation gradually dawns that, despite what we have been raised to believe the answers to life’s deepest questions and longings are not to be found in earning more money, a new partner, a thinner waistline, a better job, updating our IT, remodelling our home or upgrading to a new car.


By the time we realize this, our quest for answers has actually been underway for some time, we have just been looking in the wrong place, been looking outside of ourselves for the answers when what we really need is to turn our focus and seek within….where discover something way more profound than merely everyday life, we discover that we are each a point where the rubber meets the road, where the divine individual meets the sacred infinite.


June 7th, 2020


Spiritual Enlightenment ~ For Everyone

As we grow up we learn about who we are by watching and listening to other people, in the same way as we learn a language. 

I don’t know either Mandarin or Portuguese because I was raised in an English speaking household and saw and heard people speaking that particular language. 

We naturally take on the culture and customs we are raised in, and someone else born and raised in Japan will see, hear and learn that one.


In exactly the same way as we learn a language, we also learn about who we are, and what our life is about, as we watch and listen to the people around us. 


Currently most people see and hear very little about direct Spiritual Awakening other than in stories about people such as Jesus Christ, the Buddha, the prophet Mohammed or Lao Tzu, all beings who, in the distant past, had such a direct experience.


The are currently few cultural messages that make it possible for you to think that Enlightenment is for you, right here and now.


If you have any doubts about this, ask yourself how do you actually know that Enlightenment is not your natural state? 


If your answer is that it just isn’t, then check these out:


  • Do you have a belief that you are not good enough for such a profound awakening.

  • Do you think that it is somehow wrong, or even maybe, arrogant to believe that you could awaken into our sacred source.

  • Does it maybe seem unthinkable?


If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you are living out an old narrative that you were taught at the same time as you learned language, one based on a deep misunderstanding of who you really are.


You don’t actually need to be limited by your upbringing, these are new times with an updated narrative - that direct spiritual enlightenment is in fact your natural birth right.

June 3rd, 2020

Awakening Directly Into The Infinite ~ Why It Matters Now


We are experiencing the dying off of our old ways, and the birth pangs of a new type of human being.


Upgrades are taking place in our relationships with each other as the MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements demonstrate, as well as in our relationship with the planet as shown by the worldwide response to Greta Thunberg’s Schoolstrike and Extinction Rebellion’s rallies to highlight, and transform, our response to the climate disruption we are all facing.


These are all symptoms of a deeper, and more far reaching, change - the emergence of a new type of human.


This is a person for whom individuality, relationships, community, ecology and spirituality are understood to be inextricably linked together. 


Ahead of us is a future where our underlying spiritual unity is coming more and more to the forefront of our awareness, no longer as dogma, wish or belief, but through the direct transcendent awakening beyond any separation.


As this awakening happens it will begin to naturally reshape all our lives for the better, including our financial, political, religious, health, farming, work and education systems. 

This is because it will become abundantly clear that We. Are. One


As we open directly into our mystical true nature and see the face of the sacred in each of us, and in everything, life on the planet will never be the same again.

May 30th, 2020

Women's Enlightenment ~ Lesser Children of God

Women have as much ability to awaken into Enlightenment as men.

However the message that Enlightenment is for men still persists in at least four significant ways.


One is the overt message, handed down through many traditions and generations, that simply states that women are lesser beings and can't open into Enlightenment.

The other ways are more subtle but equally powerful,

The first is best seen encapsulated in the common images of a man holding forth about Enlightenment and the devotees, mostly women, surrounding him at his feet.

The second is that we still have a male driven model of Enlightenment which focuses on the transcendent half of Enlightenment, and excludes the embodied, grounded and relational ~ the other human half of the fullest Enlightenment.

The third of these subtle aspects is that a woman may not want to teach in the overtly hierarchical, and masculine model, preferring instead to share with others in a more inclusive circle, and so she is passed over by mainstream attention, and remains unrecognized, even if her awakening is broad and deep.

Nowadays there are more and more women awakening, and many are stepping up to share about Enlightenment, but the myths persist and a women teacher can still be seen as different from other women and so not really an inviting mirror, but rather a special case.


We are all equal aspects arising from the One undivided. sacred, and nondual source of all life, and that life is living itself through, and as, us - male or female.

If you are a woman, then Enlightenment is for you too...and behind what seems like 'you' reading this page is the source of all life and what you have been seeking.

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May 14, 2020

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