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Sunday 21st June

Coming September

'Trauma To Transcendence' 


Connect With Andina

Awakening as the Infinite and the Individual - Together




In 2020 I will offer online Courses and Satsangs most months, and have some individual session available - see below.

I look forward to meeting with you as we Awaken together into our Infinite and Individual True Nature.



Soul Self

Saturday 25th January 2020

Ray of the Infinite.

Living Embodied Spirituality

4 Month online course.  




Sunday 21st June 2020

To be present at a Satsang is to be in association with truth and a direct invitation to Awaken.

Responding deeply to this invitation dissolves all that you are not.

Trauma & Transcendence

Coming July 2020

Unintegrated areas from the past are like knots constricting our fully embodied opening into our One True Nature.

Opening directly into our Sacred Ground of Being gradually dissolves the issues of the past.

Together we Awaken into both the Infinite & Individual. 

Want to work with me?


If you are already awakening to your divine spiritual true nature, opening into deep personal and interpersonal transformation.... and also then sharing your learnings and wisdom in some way with others - then this might be for you.