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Awakening as the Infinite and the Individual - Together



Andina seers

Join me for Courses, Satsangs or Individual Sessions.

I look forward to meeting with you as we Awaken together into the fullest potential

of both our Infinite and Individual nature.

Update - Due to an accident I am not able to offer any courses or appointments, other than a limited amount for existing clients, for the foreseeable future.

Initially I hoped it would possible to continue as before, but regretfully this has not proved workable. 

I am really sorry for the inconvenience, but please sign up for my Newsletter to be updated on possible options at a future date.



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Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

I am looking for people who have begun exploring non-religious spiritual enlightenment whom I

could interview.

I am interested in what topics or subjects are important to you, so please get in touch if you would be willing to spend around 15 to 30 minutes on Zoom during September or October 2020 with any questions, including any you have maybe have held back from asking before, that you have about enlightenment. 

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Next event to be announced.

A big picture overview, and portal, for discovering your highest potential as both a Human and Spiritual being.

This unique experiential course incorporates direct Nondual Spiritual Enlightenment and the Sacred role that Recovery, Relationships and Personal Growth have in our own, and the planet's, transformation.



Next Satsang To Be Announced

To be present at a Satsang is to be in association with truth and a direct invitation to Awaken.

Responding deeply to this invitation dissolves all that you are not.


Next event to be announced

You are a Ray of the Infinite.

Experiential course to identify, and align with, your unique life's meaning and purpose. 


Individual and Group Sessions available 

If you have had glimpses into your divine true nature, as well as taking part in deep personal healing and growth, and are also working on interpersonal and planetary transformation -than exploring the fullest awakening within one-on-one sessions might be for you.


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