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Soul Self

Living Embodied Spirituality

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'Trauma To Transcendence' 

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Your Awakened Life

Living Embodied Spirituality

Online Experiential Course

Enrollment Closed - Coming Soon 'Trauma to Transcendence'

Within the undivided ground of being you are an individual ray of the infinite and the One source of all life is living through, and as, you.

Yet many people are uncertain about how to discover, align with and then action their unique SoulSelf - and I was one of those.

Over time new realizations and understanding have emerged about what needs to take place in order for your Soul to blossom and I have created this course to share these with you.

This practical and experiential course is designed to help you awaken into your True Nature and to connect with, and live the life, you were born to.


4 Saturdays in 2020: 25th January, 22nd February, 21st March, 18th April.


Time: 5.30 pm London Time (GMT)

Length: 90 Minutes

Format: Online

Fee: Free

Overview of course structure, which will likely evolve as emerging aspects of the One life become clearer.

Session 1 - Saturday 25th January

The infinite ground of being is undivided and yet, seemingly paradoxically, it is also living as the unique individual Soul you are.

Practical ways to connect with and discover what your Soul is here to do.  


Session 2 - Saturday 22nd February

Within the constrictions of cultural conditioning how to fine tune your alignment with your Soul's divine purpose.

Setting out, and implementing, a practical plan for the One life to live itself most fully through, and as, you.


Session 3 - Saturday 21st March

The gift of life, and ways we may not picking up the baton.

Keeping on track, pitfalls and getting back on track.

Transiting transformation successfully.

Exploring hidden gifts and suppressed abilities 


Session 4 - Saturday 18th April

Your blossoming Soul 

Reviewing your progress 

Fine tuning and course corrections

Your unfolding future


Your Commitment

This is a practical and experiential course that integrates Spiritual Enlightenment and Personal Growth and Transformation.

What it is not is a therapy, support or coaching group.


I ask that for consistency, and that for all attendees to make the most progress from our time together, you commit to attend all 4 sessions. 


To help guide, support and enhance the flowering of your Soul between our meetings you will also have downloadable worksheets, as well as specific exercises, based around the topics of each session.

As this is a very practical course, completing these is essential and will take a minimum of 8 to12 hours each month.

Intake for this course is now closed - make sure you are on my email list and look out for the next course "Trauma to Transcendence"  coming soon.


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