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Animal Extinction - What Matters Most

Currently species extinctions worldwide is due to urban sprawl, land development, deforestation, agriculture, logging, industry, mining, hunting for furs, trophies and medicinal parts.

In our oceans fish farming brings parasites and diseases to indigenous wild fish, trawling denudes sea life and marine mammals are hunted for their oil, skins and sale as aquarium attractions.

Pesticides kill off entire species, and then the animals and birds that feed on them have nothing to eat and themselves become extinct.

PLAY: Requim For Lost Co-Beings

Our current ability to create so much ongoing devastation rests on a misunderstanding about who we really are.

This misunderstanding is based in separation - that we are separate from each other, separate from nature and separate from our sacred source.

To successfully make our way out of the climate, cultural and habitat chaos this belief has brought us to needs us to now move past the limiting beliefs about who we are and together move out of separation and into our infinite wholeness. 


We also currently use the term 'The Environment' as if it were an object instead of what it is - the source of every single atom in our bodies, our natural habitat and the home we have shared with animals for billions of years.


The second misunderstanding have is that fundamentally we are separateis that we are all manifestations of the One divine source living itself through, and as, every plant, animal and rock.

With misunderstanding fall away our underlying values change and finally make possible a world where there is a place for us within all of nature.

To do this needs a commitment to daily work on our own internal world, to open ever more into our infinite being-ness, and to then take our, often hard won, wisdom into action in the world.