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Part 3: Evolutionary Focus & Our Future

Our Evolutionary Focus

All the species who have previously come and gone for millions of years on the planet have done so without without any idea of evolution, or their place within it.

We humans are the first ones to become not only aware of evolution as a concept, but that we ourselves have been evolving.

We are also the first to discover that we are in the middle of a mass extinction of multiple species that we have played a pivotal role in.

Evolution and Spiritual teachings

The topic of evolution isn’t found in traditional spiritual teachings simply because at that time of Jesus, Mohamed or the Buddha as well as many others, and for hundreds of years afterwards when scriptures were being written down, there was no knowledge of either evolution or extinction.

Focus points

Currently we are now looking at both of these as we face the very real challenges or climate disruption and the disarray that permeates much of the world.

However, so far most of the focus has been on impacting our external world and addressing climate challenges by reducing emissions, developing clean energy and phasing out single use plastics, all of which are necessary, but are also only partial, solutions.

In the world of health there is also a growing momentum to increase people’s wellbeing and focusing on extending our lifespan, editing our genome, growing new organs as well as amazing augmentations of our physical and biological systems.

All of these developments are extremely important, and many are a great testament to our ingenuity.

What there as been a lot less focus on is our internal transformation, and it is growing attention to the origin of our challenges that will make the changes we that we need possible…and permanent.

Early birds of a new flock

There is a new species of human now emerging, and one of their characteristics is that of reflecting deeply upon where we have come from, were we are now and were we are heading.

There is also the gradually dawning recognition that we can participate in, and design, our future.

From this comes a recognition that by undertaking our own internal development in the areas of transcendent and personal growth and development, we can then become an active participant in bringing forward the next chapter of our human evolution.

Where we are now

At the moment our understanding of who we are, and our real potential, is sadly still constricted by some deep cultural conditioning which includes:

  • Spiritual enlightenment is only for the very special

  • Your past has nothing to do with your current wellbeing

  • Regularly spending time alone in contemplation is unusual

  • People must be nice and fit in, not be authentic and stand apart from the crowd

  • Our purpose in life is to work hard and consume quantities of goods

Above everything, the current cultural narrative is that we are separate individuals in a world that is separate from us.

This conditioning then shapes our values, for example, at the moment we value the acquisition of large amounts of money and hold in esteem people with a high net worth.

This is so even when a closer examination often shows that accumulating great wealth is only possible because the natural environment, animals and other people, who are regarded as not ‘us’, are actually carrying the real cost.

Our Evolutionary Future

If we want to reinvent ourselves at the species level and actualise our evolutionary potential to the fullest to create a life where, instead of degrading so much of what we touch, human activities actually enhance the planet and all the life it sustains - including us, we are going to need to be very different from who we are now.

In the words of the boat captain in the film Jaws when he realized the extent of the shark he was hunting “we are going to need a bigger boat”

Evolving Ourselves

This is where the importance of awakening into Enlightenment comes to the for as this fundamentally changes the foundation of who we believe we are since it removes the layers that have kept us based in a story of separation.

Together with Enlightenment comes the importance of working to heal our past material, as well as developing our Soul's unique capabilities and gifts, so that past material and un-expressed creativity don’t constantly pull us back into separation but instead help us move forward in a very different future.

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