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Part 1: What is Evolutionary Awakening ....?

Evolutionary Awakening explores the ongoing evolution of our species and the growing emergence of a new type of human, one for whom awakening directly into spiritual enlightenment together with radical engagement in the world are recognized as natural.  

Something unique is taking place...

For the first time many different groups of people around the world are exploring in-depth what it really means to be a human being and our place on the planet, and then sharing their findings with the world via gatherings, blogs, youtube videos, books, podcasts and more.

Coming together...

Previously separate and distinct areas of study and understanding about our identity - such as spiritual teachings on enlightenment, the growth of interest in personal development, the greater understanding about the complexities of interpersonal relationships, the role and value of community and culture, new ways of enhancing health, our relationship with nature and much, much more, are now emerging as individual facets of a gigantic spectrum of consciousness, one that is beginning to show us that our true potential is far greater than we have ever imagined.

A new picture emerges...

As we bring all these areas together new understandings and previously unrecognized potentials become much clearer so there could be the very real possibility for a vastly different life from the one we are currently living.

What is before us is a life of harmony, authenticity, connection, wellbeing, freedom and enchantment on our beautiful planet - a life that represents far more of the totality of who we really are and also honors the amazing gift of life itself.

Making your way forward...

To make this happen we will need to let go of our past ways of understanding and past ways of being in the world and take part in a fundamental transformation from within.

Join me in our awakening world

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