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Sunday 21st June

Coming September

'Trauma To Transcendence' 


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Join me for an Evening of Satsang and Soul in London

Next date to be confirmed

Satsang is a name for coming together in the presence of truth

The main focus of the Satsang will be a direct invitation to awaken into the Mystical truth of who you are, Enlightenment.


Although Enlightenment is without form, separation or individual identity, nevertheless within this unchanging whole - that is the source of all life and is love itself - there emerges the sense of an individual, a 'me' and a life being lived.


To encompass the seeming paradox of being both Infinite and the Individual is to integrate Enlightenment.

In this Satsang, together with the invitation to direct Awakening into the Mystery, there will also be an exploration of our multiple human dimensions.

This includes effective ways to recover from the constrictions of the past, opening into your unique Soul's purpose as well as exploring the underlying process of Awakening and integration into Enlightenment.

19th January 2019