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Enlightenment, Passion and Purpose

Traditionally teachings on Spiritual Enlightenment and Nonduality have focused on transcending the world in order to discover the infinite ground of being, described by the major spiritual texts as existing beyond our everyday awareness, and also as our true nature.


However, profound as these teachings are, they have also been one-sided and are based on a viewpoint that has relegated the physical world of the body and the natural world to a lower status.


In so doing a separation has been created between spirituality, humanity and the planet. 


One repercussion of this has been the careless desecration of our environment, now deeply implicated in the major social and climate disruptions we are all facing.

Embodied Awakening

A new spirituality is now emerging, one which embodies traditional transcendent spiritual awakening, together with the manifestation of the transcendent as each individual, with our relationships, humanity and inter-being.


Planetary Awakening

Together with these two spiritual awakenings comes a third, that of awakening directly into, and as, our living planet, sometimes also called Gaia, a consciousness that has been recognized by indigenous peoples for millennia.


This is a direct awakening as every tree - the branches our fingers, every stream - as blood flowing through us, and the winds - our every breath.

Unitive Spiritual Awakening

This newly emerging Unitive Spirituality is a part of our human evolutionary journey as we become more, and more able to directly and consciously embody our true nature - Oneness in all its appearances.

In Awakening to the transcendent, to the individual and to the planetary, we are discovering that, seemingly paradoxically, these are three aspects of an undivided divine singularity dancing in a co-creative and loving union.

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